I am the proud owner of two of Gigi’s custom hats, and I love them both. On one hat Gigi featured my horses and my favorite colors. I asked Gigi to use her imagination and surprise me on the second hat, and I was thrilled when I saw it.
Gigi and I share a love of scuba diving, so on my second hat she painted a colorful underwater scene, sand and palm trees, and she even included my husband and me swimming along in our scuba gear. What a special touch! It takes me to my happy place every time I look at it.
Both of my hats are on display in my home when I’m not wearing them because they are beautiful works of art.
There is no limit to Gigi’s talent, she also created 2 beautiful pillow covers!

– Mickie Clark

I was fortunate to be the winning bidder for a custom-designed hat by Gigi at a fundraiser. It was the best experience ever.
Gigi talked to me about what colors I liked, what animals were my favorites, what my hobbies were, what size hat I wore. She made sure the hat would not only fit my head but also reflect my personality. I always say that my husband looks like Yosemite Sam and she even worked that in for me! I love the hat she painted for me! I couldn’t be happier.

– Jalinda Hooper



My hand painted western hat is one of my absolute prized possessions. Not just for its beauty but for how it reminds me of the many hours of love and creativity Gigi put in, and it makes me feel so incredibly special when I wear it. I have had so many compliments, and I just love how it visually portrays several things that are important to me! Gigi is an artist and her hats (and her many other hand-painted items) are works of art and are all one-of-a-kind. I will always cherish my hat and will wear it with excitement. When not wearing it, it is proudly displayed on a shelf in my closet as a piece of art- dual purpose! Thank you for my hat, Gigi!!

– Katy Tomassinni

I absolutely love the hat that Gigi made for me. It is truly one of a kind because she customized it with ME in mind.
I would highly recommend Gigi because she does fabulous work and all of her hats are unique and specially made.

– Glenda Sue Alexander





Gigi’s hats are customized to reflect the person, and what they love (horses, pets, activities, faith). They are truly a one of a kind individual work of art. I will always treasure mine as she puts her soul into every creation.

– Teresa Jordan






It’s fabulous! Gigi Wark has created a masterpiece. Her hat designs are one of a kind. She knew of my love of horses and that I had once been a barrel racer.
She created a design to reflect my personality. Gigi is such a beautiful person and a talented artist.

– Pam Radney





Gigi took my favorite colors and my ranch life theme hat and far exceeded my expectations with her creative hat design!   My hat, one word: Beautiful!!!

– Betty Wiseman.